10 Long Time, No See

Next morning, she went for a run and then again to company. She even missed the breakfast because of this important meeting.

When everyone saw Su Xi in conference room, everyone stood and greeted her. They all had respect for her. She managed everything after her husband's death.

"Please take your seat. Start the meeting."

A person came forward, and handed a list of companies that are interested in signing with them.

"Ma'am, everyone is interested in collaborating with us. We surely have a strong grip over them, but there is a problem that is Gu family is also fighting with us for those companies collaboration."

"But we are the top priority of them, Gu family company is secondary option. Those companies that we leave not to collaborate will directly go to Gu Company." Another person added.

"Hmm, so it means we have to make sure that our business select the best and the companies left out may also not be threat to us and don't make much pofit with Gu family." Su Xi analysed the whole situation.

"But I haven't heard about any Gu family till this date." Spoke Su Xi.

Its true. In the states, there are only three major families, SUs, LINs and WEIs. From where does this Gu family came in scene?

"Ma'am this is family is new, 40 years ago, this was the major family of states but soon miserable things happened and this family shifted to abroad. There was no heir, but now they have and he has taken over the Gu business." Explained Secretary Wan.

"Secretary Wan, I want full details about them. Who is the CEO what happened 40 years ago. It is better to know you opponent fully."

"Sure ma'am."

They soon discussed about various topics of marketing, banking, taxes and after 4 ours, the meeting was over.

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When everyone was going out of the room, one person said, "Young Madam Su, is surely more dangerous than any male CEO. For 4 hours, we were in meeting."

"Yes, her image of people fearing her is not only of name."

This was heard by Su Xi and after listening this, she smirked.

'I have to like this for myself.' She thought to herself

After attending some important matters, she received a call from Zu Jiwen asking her to meet on a coffee.

She took her handbag and went to meet him in coffee shop.

"Here is your seat."

"You want to order something?"

"Ah I Will after sometime."

"Okay Ma'am."

She waited for Zu Jiwen to turn up. But suddenly she saw a person, whose back was facing her. A broad back covered with black coat.

'Ye Huo, you also had same back. I'm missing you so much that now I'm comparing your back to someone else's' Su Xi thought this in her own mind and smiled to herself.


Soon, Zu Jiwen arrived.

"Hey beautiful, long time no see."

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