124 Lin Jua exposed!

Gu Yan looked at him with his eyebrows frowned. No one else can enter into his room just like that. But this Shi Yu was a little different. 

"What news? About Su Xi and Lin Jua?" He had heard it from the starting but all he did was ignore. He knew how this Lin Jua and hee family is. She is just another version of a famous hunger lady. Well, although she abused Su Xi and put a huge allegation, this was not in his hands.

"It seems you have listened and seen it. I have to admit one thing that your fiance is really a good actor. The way she cried, oh my god that were not real tears " 

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Shi Yu saw the whole interview, not once but five times! In each and every view, he can see the facial expression of Lin's family members were just to provoke Su Xi and tarnish her image, also to gain sympathy for herself. This not only affected Lin or Su family because in her interview she indirectly pointed out at Gu Yan being a third party and keeping Su Xi as a mistress.

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