76 Leaving them behind!

Su Xi was sitting in her own car. Her heart was a mess but she can't do anything about it. She faced everyone today but what Gu Yan did was still not digested. He knew everything! She thought they made a bond with each other but no, she was wrong. Nothing was there between them at all.

He stood so low, doing her character assassination. But she is still pursuing despite, keeping her ego aside. For her, her husband is much more important, her love is much more important as compared to her dignity.

Su Xi was going to Rex's house. All she was observing the scenery in front of her. Her mind somewhere else but then, her driver informed her something

"Ma'am, someone is following us from behind. What should we do now?" This caught Su Xi's attention as she looked back and saw a black sedan behind them.

"Is it following us since we left the hotel?" Su Xi inquired.

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"Yes ma'am." Su Xi took another glance at the car behind her.

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