139 Lack of Blood!?

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Su Xi was still sitting on the bench with her hands folded and praying that nothing happens to her son. While Gu Yan was pacing back and forth. The person he asked to come, did not come till not. He was waiting for his arrival but it seemed that he was late.

He looked at Su Xi, who was still looking dull and pale. He understood that she was stressed by her paleness was a much more significant concern of worry. But that wasn't time to think about her but about her son. If Ye Shing wakes up and is all right she will instantly be happy and fine.

But then, they both saw that the door of operation theatre opened and two doctors stepped out. "You both are the family of Ye Shing?" The senior doctor asked while Su Xi vigorously nodded her head. Althoygh he wanted to say that he isn't a family member but stayed quiet.

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