25 It goes to Su Xi!

"I would like to go first." The Wei business's CEO, said.


He took total 25 minutes to completely explain his idea. It was not bad also. But it contained some problems.

"Next?" Bi Buo asked.

Next went Jin family. Their idea for the estate was not an idea but a blunder. Su Xi was sure that they have not revised and checked their presentation once also.

"Mr. Jin, I expected more from you. It somewhat disappointed me." He was a direct person.

Mr. Jin was silent.

Next was Mr. Lin's turn. He stood up from his seat.

"Mr. Bi, with full respect. I would like to pass on this opportunity to my future brother-in-law, Gu Yan."

"Mr. Lin, are you sure?" Bi Buo asked once.

"Yes. Gu Yan, next is your turn. Go and present your idea." Gu Yan nodded and walked towards the screen.

This time, when he reached out there, he just smiled at Su Xi. This was not a gentle smile, but a provoking one.

'Let's see baby, what are you gonna do.' Su Xi thought.

He started showing the presentation. Secretary Wan was shocked. The presentation on screen was the same which they had prepared and discussed in the meeting room yesterday.

He worriedly looked at Su Xi who was just calmy sitting. 'Is ma'am granted with special powers?' he was thinking this.

It was 15 minutes long presentation which gained applause from everyone, including Bi Buo.

"Mr. Gu, I didn't have much expectation from you. But after seeing your presentation, I feel you have the caliber."

"Thank you so much Mr. Bi."

"But let us not forget, Ms. Su's presentation is left. Mr. Su, please proceed." Bi Buo signaled her.

She nodded at him and gracefully took her laptop in her hand and went towards the screen.

In the meanwhile, she was plugging her laptop, Lin Juwan was slightly nervous. 'Why is she so confident now also? She is not having anything to show, right?" this was going in his mind. His hands were a little sweaty.

"Mr. Lin, are you okay?" Gu Yan asked.

"Yeah." Gu Yan wanted to ask more but his attention shifted back when Su Xi started speaking.

"Ladies and gentlemen, my team and I have prepared this for you. Not only mine, but it is also their hard work." saying this Su Xi started explaining whole the process and her perfect idea.

This matched all the criteria that Bi Buo wanted.

While she was explaining, Lin Juwan was boiling in anger. He hasn't expected her to be able to make a new presentation in such a short period.

On another hand, Secretary Wan's eyes were coming out. He seriously has underestimated his Madam.

"So here I sum up. I hope you liked my idea. It is in the budget and is providing the best quality in a short amount of money."

"Ms. Su, I'm impressed."

"Thank you, Mr. Bi."

Su Xi took her seat and stared at Lin Juwan. He was seriously overconfident this time. She wasn't going to be defeated so easily.

Mr. Bi finally stood up. "Thank you everyone for your ideas. Each one of you really put your sweat in this, I can see that. But the project is going to anyone."

"Mr. Gu, you really put forward your idea in a very nice manner. I was really impressed by your way of explaining things." Bi Buo said.

Everyone put their heads low. Now they understood, the project was going to Gu Yan's company.

"But, there was a mistake." everyone's including Gu Yan and Lin Juwan's eyes came out.

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"What mistake Mr. Bi. Tell me, I will correct it immediately." Gu Yan said.

"It can't be corrected. The problem is, your project is going out of budget."

Everyone was shocked, including Gu Yan and Lin Juwan. For building up an estate, making things in the budget was the number one rule.

"Because of this, this project goes to Ms. Su."

"Thank you so much, Mr. Bi. You won't be disappointed."

"I'm looking forward Ms. Su." saying this, he turned towards others, "Today's lunch is on me. It is served in a restaurant which is itself in the hotel."

No one was interested in having lunch now. But for face-saving, they can't ignore it.

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