168 Is Ye Shing really her son?!

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'Where did you kept them in the first place?" Su Xi asked, hoping to know that her younger son might have kept the things in a safe place.

"In between my toys basket!" 

Su Xi- ".." My baby is the most predictable place where your brother can find his things.

But Su xi simply paid his head and looked at Ye Nian who looked angry too. Although she already knew what the reason might be, she asked once again

"What happened to you? You are angry at Ah Shing too?" 

Ye Nian nodded her head. "Mom, do you even know my brother did not even listen to us. Instead, he simply locked his room, not letting us come inside and snatch his things. Already his heath isn't good and this again." Hearing this, Su Xi can only slap her own forehead. 

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