20 Indirect Kiss!

Su Xi was thinking about her past, when she first met Ye Huo. He was an orphan, who was teased by everyone at first when he first stepped foot in the school.

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24 Years Back!!

Su Xi was twelve years old at that time. She was sitting on a bench in the ground in the morning. She loved nature and liked to stay in it for the maximum time.

At that time, a child around sixteen years old, entered the school gate. Children at first were teasing him by calling him 'orphan.'

"Su Xi, lets go there. Something is going on." one of her friend said this.

Su Xi turned and saw many children were surrounding a child. 'Its something interesting, lets go.' she thought and went to the crowd.

When she reached there, she saw the bully of the school had pushed the newbie and he had fallen on the ground. His shirt was covered in dirt. Everyone was calling him an orphan.

Su Xi, at first didn't understood what was happening with her innocent mind. But when everyone was leaving, she felt and urge to go to that child and console him.

Su Xi went to him and handed him her hand. "Take my hand and get up."

The child looked up and saw her. His face didn't show any expression, neither of joy or pain. "No need. You can go back. I will dirty your hands." was all that he said.

"Don't worry. You get up otherwise you will more dirty your cloths." Saying this Su Xi once again extended her hand.

This time, the boy doesn't refuse and took her hand and stood up.

"Are you sad?" asked Su Xi. She really didn't know the meaning of the word 'orphan'.

But the boy was never in mood of answering her.

Taking his silence as a yes, she took out a chocolate from her pocket and gave it to him.

"Eat this, my mother says that eating something like this will lower your pain and sadness." Su Xi said in her cute, innocent voice.

The chocolate she was giving to the guy was half eaten up by her.

When he didn't replied her, Su Xi asked "What is your name?"

"Ye Huo."

Su Xi took his hand and handed him her chocolate.

"From now on, you are my friend. You can't say no because you have already taken my chocolate." she said this and smiled. Her smile was reaching till her ears.

"Su Xi, classes are going to be started soon. Come, lets go." Su Xi heard this voice and bid goodbye to him.

But before going back she said, "I'm Su Xi." saying this, she ran to her classroom.

At the back, Ye Huo was observing the chocolate he got. He took one bite of it. This was an indirect first kiss between the two of them, unknown to each other.

Flashback ends.


Su Xi was thinking this when suddenly her phone rang.

She looked at the caller and her eyes darkened.

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