138 In a bad condition!

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Hearing the other side, the phone slipped out of her hand and landed on the floor with a BANG! Her face lost its color just in few microseconds after hearing her son was in the hospital.

'Y..e Shing was an accident!?!?' One voice inside her head was constantly speaking to her about this. How to stop it from speaking!? A very loud noise in her mind and everything near itself blurred automatically. 

Gu Yan was shocked by her sudden paleness. He shut his mouth from whatever he was going to speak after seeing Su Xi sitting there in a daze as her phone landed on the floor. 'From whom did she receive a call this late?' He can't help but think about it. 

But with time, her paleness was increasing, which not only affected her but something in his heart ached seeing her broken expression. But he knew, he has to wake her up from her daze!

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