47 Imperfections!

Su Xi froze!

Why she never married? Because her heart belonged to only one person, who was sitting in front of her.

But she can't tell him this. Not now!

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Su Xu smiled and replied, "Gu Yan, I have some responsibilities in life. My late husband left some things for me to manage. He gave me my three beautiful children whom I dearly love. I don't want them to address anyone else as their dad."

Listening to this, Gu Yan doesn't know why but he felt satisfaction. No one will want their children to call someone else as their father. Each male has an ego but what ego a death person will have?

"You are a very good mother, Su Xi." Gu Yan said while taking a sip of his drink.

"No. I'm not." Su Xi lowered her face. She was never proud of herself for this. She knew that she wasn't a good mother for her children.

"But why? You are doing everything a mother should do." He never received Mother's love. His parents died so soon that he doesn't know what is a mother's love or father's love.

Even if he was in the 40s, he craved this. Parent's place can never be replaced in one's heart.

You can choose your friends but not your family and parents.

Su Xi's smiled dimmed a little. She looked into his eyes. "I was never able to give them proper mother love. Ye Shing received immense love from me because he was my first child. But Ye Nian didn't. She is in her teenage days but I'm not able to sit with her and discuss her school life. I don't want her to repeat the same mistake I did in my time. But I don't even have much time. Either of us is busy always."

Gu Yan understood her problem. It was very difficult for her to manage business and family together.

"One person can't be perfect in everything, remember this. You are made to be imperfect. Your imperfection makes you a better person."

Su Xi was shocked after hearing this!

This man was saying the same words again which he said on their marriage!

Su Xi's eyes were becoming moist. Her heart was becoming heavy after listening to this!

'Your imperfections make you a better person.' these words were ringing in her mind.

Seeing her thinking something else, Gu Yan touches her hand which was on the table.

"Su Xi..."

She came back to her senses and jumped a little when he touched her hand.

"I'm okay." said composed herself again. She can't lose in his eyes and sweet coaxed words!

"Su Xi, how is your foot now? Is it okay?" he suddenly remembered he met her yesterday night. Her foot was bleeding so much!

"Yeah. I'm fine." What else she can answer him? Her foot was in so much pain!

The doctor didn't allow her to walk much but here she was, sitting with him wearing a high heel.

"But how does it ended up like this?" he was genuinely concerned about her. Maybe because he now was feeling comfortable around her.

'My foot was injured because I took stand for you!' her inner voice asked her to say this to him. But she knew she can't. She didn't want to lie either.

"A glass place slipped through my hands. I accidentally stepped on it." indirectly it was true. This only happened.

Gu Yan nodded. "Don't you feel pain?"

Su Xi smiled again. Her eyes were full of emotions. "In this world, I have experienced a lot. Now, I don't care about physical pain. I have experienced mental pain too. This is nothing." True!

She was small when her mother died. That was the first time she experienced mental and emotional pain. No one was there to comfort her and she decided to take care of her self. She fought with that pain!

They both were now talking about normal things, business, politics, sports, But at that time, her sight traveled to another side. She saw three people approaching them.

It was Su Sing, Father Su, and Zu Jiwen.

'WHAT THE HELL ARE THEY DOING HERE?' she was shocked to see them here!

She wanted to hide Gu Yan's identity but what is happening right now? She rubbed her eyes again and opened them, but she saw the same three people.

And they are even coming towards her and Gu Yan!?

Gu Yan's back was facing them so he wasn't able to see them.

"What happened, Su Xi?" Gu Yan was narrowed his eyes seeing her fearful expression.

Everything was just alright just then, why her expression changed so much?

"Gu Ya-"

"Mr. Gu." They both heard a voice.

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