55 I will resign!

Su Xi stood up with full confidence.

"I don't care, Mr. Chen. This is my house, not your office where you can come as per your own wish."

"Ms. Su, be careful. If you deal in illegal things, you are going to be in danger soon." saying this, he sat in his Scorpio and left.

Now, Su Xi was tensed. She wasn't involved in the underworld but will soon be. It will be risky! After he left, she sighed in relief.

Su Xi called her children back into the house and they were too shocked after seeing the messy floor.

"Mom, was he an animal? Even the animals don't do like this." Ye Nian said with an evidently angry face. This was her sweet home after all.

"I don't know. Now, we have to clear up this mess. Everyone, let's get back to work." Su Xi encouraged everyone and they started arranging from drawing-room.

In between their works, Su Xi tried to leave but she was somehow stopped by some work. But she knew that she can't wait for much time.

"Baby, I have some work above in my room. I'm going there. Can you three do this here?" To which everyone nodded.

Su Xi ran to her room and closed the door behind her with a key. She can see that they hadn't reached her room as it was all clean and arranged.

She went into her room and opened the last drawer of the dressing room. There was a gun! This gun was without a license.

Su Xi took out her phone and called Rex. "Rex!!!! Police just came to my home and searched the whole house!" Su Xi's voice was still shaky.

No matter how much confidence she showed there. In reality, she was frightened from inside! Her heart was beating so loudly!

If she had come a minute late, they might have found this gun and if they would have found about this gun, she doesn't know what charges that Chen Juan would put on her.

"Calm Down. Explain what happened there." Su Xi explained everything. How that Chen Juan came with his team and how he left with a threatening note.

"What is the name of that person? Chen Juan?" Rex asked curiously.

"Yes. Now tell me what should I do." Till now, she was a little calmer as compared to before.

"It is in your hand. Do you want the whole Su Family or not? I want my material to be delivered until Saturday. There, my drugs are delivered and reached the destination, here all the Su business is under your name and control."

This was what she wants. Gu Yan's engagement is on Saturday night. And today was Monday!

Su Xi tried to take out all those old transport systems that were there at the time when Gu Yan or Ye Huo was the CEO of the company.

"I will do it. Give me one more day. I will take the material on Friday." Her consignment goes out on Friday or Tuesday.

"Hmm. Make sure it is done." he hanged up. Su Xi stood with the support of the washbasin.

"Mum, are you inside? We need your help in shifting something." Su Xi heard Ye Shing's voice from outside.

"I'm coming."She put back her gun into the drawer and washed her face and walked out.

'Nothing will happen, Su Xi, stay positive!'


In the crime branch.

Chen Juan was waiting outside the cabin of his superior.

The secretary of the general came out. "Sir has called you inside." Chen Juan nodded and went inside.

"Chen Juan, take a seat." this was general of the crime branch.

"What pleasure do I have of meeting general?" Chen Juan received a call from the secretary of general telling him that The general wanted to meet him and have a conversation.

"Juan, I know you are our most respected head. Our whole branch is proud of you. But what you did today was not right. Did you take our members on a house search and that too without proof? Without a warrant?"

Chen Juan just lowered his head.

"I want an explanation. These people aren't ordinary."

"General, they are not ordinary people at all. They are involved in illegal business and I'm sure of it."

"What if you are wrong?"

"I will resign if I'm wrong, sir!"


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