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On the other hand, Gu Yan's eyes were fierce. After receiving a slap from her, made his male ego go a little high.

No one had this much strength to raise their voice in front of them, and here she is daring to slap the prince of the family!

No one in this world knew how much he had to go through the past two years to be the Gu Yan, everyone knows now.

The happiness that came when he got to know that his children are Ye Shing, Ye Nian, and Ye Shan was just overwhelming. But that day, when everyone wasn't ready to accept him as their father, it hurt his heart.

But he never thought how Su Xi would feel. He has considered Shi Yu's words that there might be something Su Xi is hiding.

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For this, he had put a detective behind her and after he received those photographs, his blood started boiling.

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