40 I will destroy You!

Ye Nian pointed at the table. A red file was lying there.

"Mom, I should take your leave. Read it when you are free." saying this, Ye Nian left for her room.

Su Xi stared at the file for a few minutes. She was keen to know what was written inside it.

'Relax Su Xi. You can read it tomorrow.' Su Xi switched off the lights and stared at the sky from her window.

Today's all-day events were going on in her mind. Her father trying to fix her marriage, her meeting Gu Yan and everything. She was exhausted. She wanted to be happy at last.

But happiness wasn't finding its way towards her. The more she tried to be happy, the more she goes away from happiness.

A tear fell from her eyes. Like this, her eyes became moist and her pillow was soaked.

"Ye Huo, if I get to know that you are acting and you haven't lost your memory, I swear I will kill you. I will destroy you. You will suffer a thousand percent more pain than I felt. Remember this." Su Xi took this oath.

But inside somewhere in her heart, she wanted this to be wrong.

His losing memory was much better than his acting and his lies.

Thinking about this only, she fell asleep.


In Ye Nian's room.

Ye Nian didn't go to her room instead she went to her garden.

She took out a cigarette from her pocket and lighted it with a lighter.

Wei Jan was trying to contact her but kept on declining his calls. She doesn't feel like talking with him for some time. She remembered he had abandoned her in the club.

But Ye Nian can never forget Shi Yu's face. He saved her that day!


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Ye Nian looked at her phone and saw it was Wei Jan's call. She reluctantly picked it up.

"What happened? Why are you calling?" Ye Nian asked in a lazy voice.

"CALLING? Are you an idiot? I've been trying to reach you since so MANY FUCKING DAYS! How Dare You REJECT MY CALLS?" Her actions hit his ego.

Ye Nian was feeling frustrated. "Wei Jan, I'm sorry but I'm breaking up. We can't maintain this. I'm sorry."She hanged up.

He was always shouting on her and this really made her mad.

She was also a human. She needs love, affection. Somewhere, she felt that he was also cheating on her. Once she asked to see his phone but he made an excuse.

'What is happening in my life?' Ye Nian sighed. She turned around but was shocked to see her brother standing behind her.

"Who were you talking with? And even this late?" Ye Shing asked.

Ye Nian was now conflicted. She felt that if she told him the truth, he will be mad. But if she told him a lie, he will catch it also.


"You have a boyfriend?" Ye Shing directly asked. He wasn't a person who will beat around the bush.

"I had. I just broke up with him." Ye Nian decided to tell him the truth. After all, it was not like her brother can't find out.

"Why? Was he an a**hole? Or did he hurt you?"

Ye Nian was shocked. How did her brother know this? "Everything. Brother, can we not talk about this anymore? Please?" She really didn't want her mother to know about this.

Her mother was already tensed and this wasn't any big issue. After all, Wei Jan also belonged to Wei Family.

Ye Shing didn't reply but asked her to go back to her room and asked her to rest.

Ye Nian nodded and ran to her own room.

Ye Shing stared at her back and called someone,

"I want to know someone's details."


Next morning.

Su Xi opened her eyes and felt that her pain has decreased. But the doctor asked her to stay at home for the coming two days.

'How can I stay at home with Mr. Su in my house?' After yesterday's incident, she started hating her father even more.

But she got up and changed into her clothes.

She called Ye Nian to help her get down.

"Mom, why don't I ask butler ti send your breakfast in your room only?"

Su Xi understood Ye Nian's inner thoughts. "I know what you are thinking. Don't worry, I will never agree to Father Su's request for marriage. I'm completely devoted to your father. Even if we are not meant to be together in the future, I can't marry anyone else."

Ye Shing was a smart one. But Ye Nian and Ye Shan were small. They never want to call someone else as their dad.

Ye Nian smiled after listening to this. Her mother only belongs to her. No one else except her brothers, herself, and her father. She wasn't ready to share either her father or mother with anyone else.

"Let's go and see the face of the person who was shouting at me yesterday."

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