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Su Xi looked at her children. They were already happy for the day and it looks like it will be dark soon. "Okay, let us go on dinner. We can discuss business there on." Saying this, Su Xi looked at Ye Shing and Ye Nian.

"You guys go home. I have informed butler, he will make dinner for you guys. Go home now." Ye Nian nodded as she held the hands of Ye Shan, looking for the last time at Shi Yu for the day, they both walked back to the car. 

Although Ye Shan was reluctant to go home without Gu Yan, somehow she managed to let him go. After all, he was a small child so it was possible for him to not know.

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But Ye Shing did not move. Instead, he replied, "Mom, I have to go somewhere. I can't go home." Hearing this, Su Xi frowned.

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