123 I don't love her!

Su Xi starred at the television as the news and interview of Lin Jua was being broad casted as the main news of the day.

She had expected this but never ever that Lin Jua will play the woman card. In some of the other ways, in front of the world, she might be the third party but in reality, Lin Jua is the one who is coming in between Gu Yan and her.

"Mom, I think you should take any action this time. Please." Ye Shing can't see his mother suffering like this anymore. In fact, no child will be able to see their parents being targeted so badly by the world. 

"Yes, mum. You need to do something. This bimbo is going out of her limits! She needs to be taught one lesson by us." Ye Nian almost shouted in anger. Seeing that Lin Jua was almost insulting their whole family was enough for her blood to boil.

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