102 I'm your wife!

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Gu Yan stared at her face after hearing this. She was here to state this offer in front of him!? Has not he just told her before he can't marry her? Yes, he wants money, he wants power but no, he does not want Lin Jua.

And who the hell said he is thinking of marrying Lin Jua? He is just going to get engaged to her and after the power is in his hands, he will leave her and break this engagement.

Never he thought of marrying Lin Jua legally. And here is Su Xi, asking him to marry her the next day? Is this some kind of joke?

Gu Yan wants his wife, but he was not ready to accept Su Xi can be his wife. She was having fiance but she was that authority to come here today, to his room, and ask him to marry her tomorrow where his engagement is going to take place in just a few minutes!

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