103 I'm damn hurt!!

Shi Yu saw everything Su Xi tried to do. He felt she was seriously pitiful here. Somewhere, he had guessed it already that she was his wife. He can see how similar Ye Nian looked to Gu Yan. It was seriously coincident. Her husband died just exactly three years ago when Gu Yan returned to Gu Family with Elder madam Gu.

Was not everything much of a coincidence?

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Although this was really unusual, this does not mean that Gu Yan will accept her just like that. She does not know what danger Gu Yan lives in and the known for. If she knew, he can easily predict that she will never come near him!

"Ms. Su, I know I'm not anyone to interfere in this matter. It is between both of you. But I can only say one thing, don't stop fighting even when he is engaged. You might find it really funny but the reality is far more complicated than you can ever imagine." Su Xi looked at him with her moist eyes.

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