54 House Search.

Su Xi's blood went cold. Why the hell is the crime branch coming at her doorstep?

"Nice to see you, Mr. Chen. But may I know the reason for your visit?" she formally asked.

"Ms. Su, I have information that you are involved in illegal things. So, I and my team members would like to search your house." Hearing this, Su Xi knew that it was someone's trap for her. But she can't point out at any name.

"Sure, But I need to take my children out."Was all that she asked. Right now, she didn't have anything illegal so it will not be much trouble.

Chen Juan nodded and Su Xi went inside her house and looked for her children.

"Shing, Nian, Shan, We have to go to the garden."

"But mum, why so many people are here in front of our house?" Ye Shing was confused. He counted and there was a total of 7 people including their leader.

"Baby, they are from crime branch." was all that she can say at that time.

"C-Crime branch? What we have done?" Ye Nian was still angry with her mother and had decided that she will not talk with her. But now, crime branch here?

"I can't explain." Su Xi was also a little shocked because the crime branch for illegal material was a new thing.

"But we have not done anything wrong!!" Ye Nian can't digest some police people trying to invade in their house.

"We have not done anything wrong so we have to cooperate with them. This will keep us safe." Su Xi took everyone down in the drawing-room and saw Father Su was in a verbal argument with Chen Juan.

"How can you CHECK OUR HOUSE?"

"SIR, we have ordered."

"GO NOW!! I will speak to your head." This was Father Su's old style. He will try to make them afraid. But this, Chen Juan, was something else only.

"You can go and speak to anyone you want in the department, Sir. But today, we will search for your house."

Su Xi just ignored them and took her children to the garden. Even if the police arrest her father, she was least concerned.

But she was going to be involved in the underworld. If not today, there will be someday else!

She was nervous and sweat was formed on her forehead. Her eyes were fixed on what Chen Juan's man was doing.

Ye Shan came and hugged her softly. "Muma, everything will be fine." A child's hug can make everyone's tension disappear but it wasn't easy for her.

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"Everyone, be with each other. I'm going inside." Su Xi needed to see how they were searching for her house. Ye Shing and Ye Nian nodded.

Su Xi walked inside the house and the scene in front of her was enough to blow up her mind!

Her whole house was in a mess! Cushions, books, candles were here there. Even her family photo frame was removed.

"WHAT THE HELL IS HAPPENING HERE?" She enranged! Su Xi and her children decorated the house with their hands. And it was now whole disarranged!

She went to Chen Juan. "Mr. Chen, may I know what are you doing in my house? You said it was a normal search! This is how you do a normal search? Then I think your extraordinary search will contain burning the house, right?"

Chen Juan calmly looked at her. With his hands in his pocket, he replied, "Ms. Su, we are from the crime branch. You can't expect us to do our search in neat order."

"Youu.!!!" Su Xi was speechless. This person surely knows how to make one shut their mouth.

Just then, the main idea popped up in her mind. "Do you have a search warrant?"

Thus made Chen Juan stop his work."You do know that we require a search warrant?"

Su Xi smirked hearing this and his face. "Do you have? Yes? Show it to me."

"No! I don't have it." He simply spilled the truth.

Hearing this, Su Xi's eyes darkened. How stupid of her to ask him this right now. She should have done it before only!


Everyone stopped their work and looked at their leader. "Sir..."

"Stop. Let us go." Chen Juan said to everyone but his eyes were fixed on Su Xi.

"You better get out from here!"

Everyone started going out and in the end, only Chen Juan and Su Xi were behind everyone.

"Ms. Su, we are going today but this doesn't mean, we are going forever." Coming closer to her, he said,

"We will come back."


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