109 Home breaker?!

Each one of them looked at Elder Master Gu who was standing in front of the podium. 

Even if he was old and white hairs were there on his head, the way he carried himself and present before others are commendable. Wearing black attire made him look really senior to everyone with much more experience.

Although he had left Gu enterprise for Gu Yan to manage, this does not mean his power has come to an end.

But then, reporters were a little scared to ask questions but as it was their task, so they can't step back. After all, it's not like every day they get to see such a big drama.

"Elder Master Gu, what was that before? Is Su Xi a mistress?"

"Does Gu Yan wamts to marry Su Xi instesd of Lin Juwan?"

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"Is Su Xi a homewreker?"

"Choosing a widow instead of a pure woman as Lin Jua is such a waste of time. Will the Gu family accept her?" 

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