80 Hidden Motive!

Both of their eyes widened after hearing who the guest was.

It was Elder Madam GU!!! She is the one taking care of the whole family but never came into the limelight. very little is known about her to the media also.

"G-Grandmother?" Gu Yan didn't expect her to be here. What can she be doing here at this time? Did this Dr. Mo call her?

Thinking this only, Gu Yan gave Dr. Mo a questionable look but Dr. Mo was himself surprised. He answered with his eyes- He never called Madam Gu! Why will he do that? He had no motive!!

As if understanding their mind, butler cleared his throat and said,

"It was me who called Madam. She needed to know about this all."

Butler had seen Gu Yan was suffering a lot. At this time, he needed someone from his family and no one can be considered his family except Elder Madam.

Gu Yan can not say anything to Butler. He was so elder to him and scolding him will mean scolding one of his elder's man!

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