112 Her husband or not?!

But the most important task for him now is to inform Su Xi's family about it. How will they react!? He does not know. They are going to have a break down for sure.

But what Shi Yu does not want is to see Ye Nian crying. Maybe this was the inner instinct that stopped him from speaking to Ye Nian about it.

He had Su Xi's landline number and after a lot of hesitation, he finally dialed it. The call went through but he was hoping Su Xi's elder child, Ye Shing to pick it up. He is a mature guy after all.

It will be easy for him to explain to him about his mother's condition. But his luck was not so good because then he listened to the voice on other hand.

"Hello?! Who is that?" It was none other than Ye Nian. Why the hell she had to pick up the call!?

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"Umm. Can I speak to Mr. Ye?" He hoped her to pass the phone to Ye Shing. He can not tell her what her mother is in through a phone call.

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