108 Her condition was bad!

When he saw Su Xi not responding at all, he panicked. Her face was getting more and more white as her lips starting losing their colors too. The white milky sin of hers was now becoming colder to his hands

Shi Yu came running to them and blocked the couple lying on the ground, from th3 media and press who were trying to click pictures.

Shi Yu noticed Gu Yan's panicked state and whispered into his ear, "Let us bring her to the room." 

As if only following Shi Yu's words, he picked her up and in a bridal style and carried her to his room.

But when he was leaving, Lin Jua had clutched her nails and dug them into her hand. Gu Yan left their engagement?! He dared to leave before slipping the finger in her hand! This engagement was not done till yet! How dare he leave her like this?!

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But she was not the only one who saw Gu Yan and Su Xi with a sharp gaze. Lin Juwan had hatred in his eyes for this lady. She actually used this tactic to stop the engagement?

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