27 Heart Hurts.

Su Xi got up from her table and walked towards the restroom.

There she saw a lady, in a white gown, talking with someone. It was suspicious but she ignored her.

After coming out, she walked towards the hotel exit. She drove the car herself, today instead of taking a driver with her. It was a black Mercedes

Gu Yan, at that time, was waiting for his driver.

Su Xi honked. "Mr. Gu, you want me to give you a lift?" Su Xi smilingly asked.

"No need Ms. Su. You go your way. After all, we are competitors." Gu Yan answered.

"Not even if I insist?"

"N--....." Before Gu Yan could have rejected her, he received a call.

"Young Master Gu, I'm stuck in the traffic right now. I will reach in one hour." This was the driver who was bringing the car.

"F**k off. You are of no use." saying this he hanged and turned around. Su Xi was still there waiting.

He had no other option!

He opened the passenger seat's door and sat beside her.

"Where?" she asked.

"To Sidelack hotel." he answered and laid a little back in her car.

"Sure. But you don't have your own house? It's not that much costly to buy a house here." Su Xi was constantly smiling. But this smile was a tease for Gu Yan.

"It has penthouse. Its mine."

"Oh.. My bad. How can I consider Mr. Gu as a person who doesn't have money? Sorry."

"Ms. Su, it will be good for you if you stop being friends with me. We are not that close." He seriously said.

"Mr. Gu, what will you do if I want to be close to you?" she reverted his reply to him.

He really hates the woman who wants to test his limit. She was one of them. First, she stole the estate project from him and now was trying to be friendly!


"Even if I look like your late husband, that doesn't mean I can be with you or you can love me." he directly said. He felt this was the real reason she was behind him.

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Su Xi didn't reply. She just kept on driving.

"You understand Ms. Su?" he asked again. He wanted to maintain distance between them.

"Ms. Su? Are you even lis-"

"My husband had a black dot, birthmark on his neck. Do you have it?" she interrupted him.

Gu Yan was shocked. This was known to very few people.

Before he can burst on her, she again said,

"You don't have? Of course. How can you have, you are not my husband."

Both were silent. Gu Yan didn't know what to say. He refused to believe what she was saying.

He was at the end of convincing himself that she was joking but she dropped another bomb!

"My husband, Ye Huo, was allergic to perfumes. He loved only my natural scent. You are not my Ye Huo. You are Gu Yan, the heartless person, who can never be the father of my children and the person whom I courted for the whole one year! So stop comparing him to you! Even if you have the same face, same nature of being ruthless like Huo, You are NOT HIM!"

Tears were formed in her eyes. It was difficult. The person she loves is sitting beside her and lecturing not to be friendly. She suffered. She fought with everyone. And here, he didn't even remember her!

That was all because of her love for him!

That was all for her children which he had given her!

Hearing what Su Xi said, he was confused. He didn't say anything to upset her. But she knew his problems also!

"Ms. S-"

"Mr. Gu, we have reached your place. Please get down."

He can see that she was going to cry. Seeing her this sight, he felt a pain in his head.

'Not Again.'

He got down and rushed towards his penthouse. He somehow reached up and called Dr. Mo.

"Why is this pain coming back!" he started throwing things here and there.

Gu Yan wasn't able to find his medicines now. What luck he has.

While he was crying in pain because his head hurts, in the car Su Xi was crying because her heart hurts!

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