82 Haunted House!

Su Xi was pacing in her office.

She was in stress right now! A lot of stress!!

Keeping the drugs of such worth in her house will only increase her worries.

This might also endanger her family. And she will never do something which might hurt her family in return.

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No one here keeps drugs in their hope if they are exporting it. As far as she remembers, Chen Juan is still behind her. If he gets even one hint that she is hiding something in her house, he will surely arrest her!

But then an idea popped up in her mind. Even if fear was there in her, she had to think and keep the work going.

Su Xi took her phone and called Rex again. "Rex! Tell me, in which thing are you sending me the drugs?"

"It is a black color bag. Not much big, enough for hiding perfectly."

Hearing this, Su Xi thought something, but she was a little scared to do that thing.

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