159 Gu Yan knows everything!

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Both of them looked confused by her talks.

It was evident that nothing went inside their brain and Su Xi can only slap her own head.

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'Why are these two fools gazing at me like this, as if I'm going to tell them anything serious, which will give them treasure?' Su Xi wondered about this!

But Of course, she needs to tell them everything in detail otherwise they will just eat up her brain and won't let her rest in peace, till they have all the information.

"I got one message from someone that everything started with my mum's death. To know more about it, I went to the city to take a look at the things belonging to her and got to know many new things which I might have never even heard from anyone's mouth."

Ye Nian looked at her mother with her curious eyes but on the other hand, Ye Shing already understood this all.

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