106 Gu Yan's turn!

Gu Yan had a smile on his face but his smile froze when he heard her. Yes, this was an engagement party and they were meant to exchange rings. But why he suddenly felt reluctant to do that.

"What happened, Gu Yan? You okay?" She had noticed the change in his expression. Even if he is forty, he still looked young and in her eyes, he was her dream guy who is already settled enough. 

Many women were trying to aim for her position. One of them she knew was Su Xi! Yes, she had felt this long ago but kept mum. All she needed was to ask Lin Juwan to do something. But she cleared out the scandal so easily and came out of it. 

But this does not mean she will stop her dirty tricks to remove Su Xi from her way if she comes in her motive. 

"Hmm…" Gu Yan does not know what to say he just murmured. Hearing his lack of response, made Lin Jua a little unhappy but she can't do anything for now. At least he is getting engaged to her.

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