145 Gu Yan's real identity!

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Sitting on the table face to face with madam Gu wasn't an easy task. She was overbearing and looking deep into her eyes, Su Xi sometimes even felt a shiver down her spines. After receiving the bouquets yesterday, Su Xu instantly contacted her and askes her to meet.

Not like she wanted to but it was the only option left with her, to sought things at once for once and all. But unknown to her, Madam Gu wasn't interested in sorting out things rather than making them more difficult for her!

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Although her family was against it, she was persistent because she knew there is something Elder Madam Gu is hiding from all of them and she is especially, tries to test her as always.

The waiter was serving the tea and after serving left it, leaving Su Xi and Elder Madam Gu alone.

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