26 Gu Yan's Number.

Everyone was having lunch. But not many people were happy. They just lost in a battle.

Wei Family and Jin family were not so sad as compare to Gu Yan and Lin Juwan.

Su Xi just took food on her plate and thought of sitting both of them.

"Mr. Lin, did you like my surprise?" Su Xi asked cheerfully. She was really happy today, even if she defeated her own husband, she just proved her own worth.

"Ms. Su, which surprise are you talking about?" Lin Juwan acted innocent.

"Mr. Gu, will you excuse us?"

"Hmm, sure. I've to make a call." saying this Gu Yan went outside.

"Mr. Lin, now that we both are alone. Don't you think, you need to do some explanation?" Su Xi asked with a smile that was not gentle at all.

"Ms. Su, you already know. So why you are interested in talking about it more."

"Well, are you not interested? How I prepared another presentation in such a short period of time?"

"Even if I'm, Will you tell me, Ms. Su." Lin Juwan asked casually.

"No. But I can surely tell Gu Yan how you stole my presentation." She was smart enough. She understood that Gu Yan didn't know about the stealing of the presentation.

Hearing what Su Xi said, Lin Juwan was a little in tension.

"Ms.Su, you got your project. Why are you now trying to drift between us?"

"Well, maybe you should have thought about this before." She stood up and went to another table.

'You will pay, Su Xi!' Lin Juwan will not leave her so easily.

Secretary Wan, came to her with a file.

"Ma'am, these are the files you asked for."

"Keep them here and sit with me. You have also not eaten anything. Have lunch with me." Secretary Wan nodded. She never treated him as an employee.

"Ma'am, I'm having some questions in my mind. May I ask them?" He was really curious about the change of presentation.

Su Xi smiled.



Yesterday in the conference room.

Su Xi noticed someone being nervous and their hands not stable. Well, this happens when a person is thinking about something and is afraid of being caught.

Coming back to her office, she called Secretary Wan "Yes, Ma'am?"

"Help me keep a tight check on Security tonight. I have a feeling something will happen tonight."

After hanging up the call, she opened the file and changed the presentation a little bit.

"Ye Huo, you are my husband. As a good wife, how can I let my husband's reputation be in vain? But let us see, are you able to check out this fault in it or not."

She changed the big main fault of being not in the budget. If Gu Yan had seen it before, he might be able to detect it.

But he chose to believe Lin Juwan!

Su Xi intentionally kept the Pendrive in her drawer snd went home.

After having dinner, she started making a new presentation, better than her first one.

The last presentation was designed by her employees. But this was made by her own ideas and mind.

In the morning, when secretary Wan told her about this, her imagination became true.

She was confident about her presentation but she was not sure about Gu Yan.

'Will he check the presentation or not?' this was her only fear.

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But her luck was good. He didn't check the presentation giving her the chance to win.



Su Xi told everything to Secretary Wan and he was again speechless.

"Ma'am, I have a new image of you in my mind. It is very difficult for a lady to go against someone they love."

"It's not difficult for a lady only, but everyone. Because Love is Love."

"But Ma'am, why you helped Mr. Gu?" Secretary Wan didn't know that Gu Yan or Ye Huo is her husband.

"We have a history." this was all she said. Right now, she didn't want to tell anyone that he is Ye Huo. Even though her enemy knows.

"Secretary Wan, I want to know Gu Yan's number. Arrange it."

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