45 Gu Yan's legal wife!

Gu Yan turned his face and saw Lin Jua called out his name.

He stood up and shake hands with her in a polite manner. "Finally you here Ms. Lin. I thought you will not arrive." Gu Yan said with a sarcastic chuckle.

Lin Jua never thought that he will start their conversation with this.

She awkwardly said, "You know girls need time to get ready." She can't find another excuse for his answer.

Gu Yan didn't reply.

He took her chair out and made her sit. This was done as he was a gentleman but Lin Jua thought something else.

Gu Yan also took his seat and finally cleared his throught.

"I agree Ms. Lin that girls take time to get ready." hearing this Lin Jua smiled. She thought he understood her well.

But his next sentence made her smile fade away.

"But you aren't a girl anymore. A lady looks perfect if she is confident in what she is wearing."

Lin Jua paled hearing this. She just laughed nervously as she also didn't know what to answer him.

"What would you like to eat Ms. Lin?" Gu Yan handed over the menu. He wanted to make her more embarrass so that she keeps her distance from him!

"Umm... Let me choose."

"What a coincidence Mr. Gu to see you here!"

Gu Yan heard a voice and turned his head and saw the same lady wearing that red dress!!

It was Su Xi!!

"Really. It is nice to meet you, Ms. Su." he said with a smile. It was a smile from his heart.

"Oh, am I disturbing your both's date?" Su Xi asked with a shock expression.

"Ye-" Lin Jua was cut off by Gu Yan

"Not at all Ms. Su. Please take a seat with us." Gu Yan stood up and took out a chair for her. He got an idea all of a sudden. He will use Su Xi to drive Lin Jua away from here!

It was better to have dinner with a classic lady who is true to her nature than with a bimbo like Lin Jua

"Thank you." Su Xi replied with politeness.

Till now, Lin Jua was going mad with jealousy!

She waited for Gu Yan since she was a child. After seeing him for the very first time, she fell hard for him.

She wanted to tag him as hers as soon as possible!

But he was behaving so cold towards Lin Jua that she can't keep her emotions in control. Lin Jua is his future wife but it seems he is not interested in her at all. But why? Because of this Su Xi??

Su Xi turned towards Lin Jua.

"Ms. Lin, I feel like you are not happy with me here?" She asked with a smile. She knew that Lin Jua might act like a proper lady but inside her is a bitch who is ready to kill her at that moment.

But Su Xi wasn't afraid of her. Lin Jua was the one snatching and trying to pounce on her husband. How could she let her? Su Xi was Gu Yan's legal wife!!

"Oh no, Ms. Su. It was a pleasure to see you here." Lin Jua tried her best to do a fake smile.

"I'm happy to hear that. But why you guys here? I mean, are Lin family and Gu Family coming together?" Su Xi showed her curiosity but from inside, she was burning with rage!

This time, Lin Jua answered first. "Yes! Ah Yan and I are getting engaged soon. We met here to discuss the date when to get public." Lin Jua boosted.

She wanted to show off that Gu Yan was her man!

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Su Xi found it hard to maintain her smile. She wanted to eat her alive!

Any woman can be bitchy when it comes to her man!

Until now, Gu Yan was fully focused on Su Xi's face. His attention shifted a little about what Lin Jua said.

Seeing that he didn't even decline what Lin Jua said, Su Xi was a little upset.

"Mr. Gu, when are you planning to get engage?"

"Call me Gu Yan. We have met several times. It is now better to call me from my name."

Su Xi found it hard to call him by his new name. She used to call him Huo, but now this?

"G-Gu Y-Yan, you didn't answer my question."


Su Xi nodded. Her spirits were down now. Her husband is going to be engaged to someone else? What a slap on her face!

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