29 Grandfather is dangerous?

Gu Yan was deep in thoughts. He looked as if there was a deep battle going on in his mind. 'I did wrong, but sending flowers will be a good idea? Isn't that again too much friendly?' these were his thoughts.

As if Dr. Mo read his mind, he answered "Yan, sending flowers doesn't mean that you are a friend with that person. Its a token of apology in a formal way." Dr. Mo understands his interior conflict.

"Hmm, I will see. Don't tell grandmother about this pain." Gu Yan didn't want to make her worry without any reason.

Hearing this, Dr. Mo rolled his eyes, 'Like I always tell her.'

"I'm going. Take rest and don't do your work for some time." saying this Dr. Mo left.

Gu Yan stared at the glass window. The whole city view was visible. Images of Su Xi's eyes were coming in front of his eyes.

But a single question in his mind, how did she know about these two specific things?

He wanted to think more about it but whenever he closed his eyes and thought about it, his head was going to start paining again.

"Why the hell I'm even thinking about her. She sure has found out these through private investigator." Gu Yan was trying to explain himself. But his mind was still not convinced.

'What have you done, Ms. Su?'

He picked up his phone and dialed a number.

"Help me send a bouquet of flowers to Ms. Su's office."


In Su Mansion.

Su Xi was anxiously waiting for her children to get free. She was doing her work but her mind was somewhere else.

But before they could get free, her brother called her.

"Hello, sister. What happened?"

"Su Sing, why are you and dad coming tomorrow?" Su Xi really wanted to know the real motive of their visit.

"Are we? Dad never told me that we are going to state." Su Sing was a little shocked. Their dad never asked or said him this.

"How is this POSSIBLE?" on the other side, Su Xi was in disbelief. It never happened that her father hides something or plan something without their knowledge. What is actually happening?

"But what did dad said to you? Tell me, sister. You are making me afraid."

Su Xi's eyes were wide open. She wasn't in a state of answering him.

"Su Sing, don't discuss this with dad. I will talk to you later. Don't take tension, I will tell you everything after you come back here." Saying this Su Xi hanged up.

Su Xi waw again overthinking. 'What if dad knows about Ye Huo?'


Su Xi lifted her eyes and saw the butler.

"Madam, Young Miss, and Young First Master are back."

"Oh, thank you. Serve them something. I'm coming down in a few minutes." Butler closed the door.

Su Xi knew that the most important thing right now was to make the children understand that they can't say anything to their grandfather.

She came down the stairs.

"Mom, you are back even before us."

"Hmm. I'm." Su Xi wasn't in a great mood but still tried to act cool.

"Mom, butler Ni said you want to talk with us."

Su Xi took a deep breath.

"Your grandfather is coming tomorrow." As expected, everyone was happy. Except her!

"Mom, what is the main point?" Ye Shing interrupted everyone's happiness.

"He should not know about Gu Yan or Ye Huo. No one will talk about this in front of him." Su Xi explained.

"But why mom?" Ye Nian asked.

"Because... I can't explain it you right now. Just no one will utter a single word about him in front of your grandfather."

Ye Nian and Ye Shan nodded. But Ye Shing was still not satisfied with her answer.

"You all eat. I'm going to my room." She took everyone's leave.

But Ye Shing followed her. "Mom, can we talk?"

"Yes, baby. What happened?"

"Why can't we talk about dad in front of my grandfather? Grandfather and Father had such a gap before. Why this was so?" He asked.

Su Xi was somewhat surprised that Ye Shing noticed it. "Yes, they had. Let us take a walk in the garden."


In garden.

Many types of flowers were blossoming. She loved them because Ye Huo loved gardening a lot. Earlier also, he used to do gardening with his own hands and make a flower ring for her.


"Ye Shing, you know how old I was when I met your father for the first time?" she asked him.

"I think no..." He was not sure about when they met.

"Do you know how old I was when I was pregnant with you?"

"Yeah. Seventeen."

"Your grandfather was never found of Ye Huo because he was an orphan and made me pregnant. He first wanted me to abort the child. When I refused, he revolted it. The legal age to marry was eighteen so we both weren't able to marry at that time." Su Xi remised that bitter memory.

"This only?" Ye Shing felt that there was more.

"He, your grandfather wanted me to give you his name. According to him, you should be Su Shing, not Ye Shing. But I refused. I wanted to give you , the name of his father, the person I love."

Su Xi was a strong lady for her children. She can cry but in alone only. It is said that a man can never cry, but in he case, she was always told that she can't show her emotions to other. But she did today. When she was pregnant, her all pain was coming out due to hormones. But he was there.

At that time, Ye Huo was constantly with her. He helped her in studies, in completing her school. He made sure she received all nutrients.

But now he was not here.

"Mom, what was dad doing when you were pregnant?" Ye Shing suddenly asked.

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"He had got a scholarship because of his grades. He was doing a part-time job and completed his college."

"Mom, is grandfather dangerous?"

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