16 Flying in the Air.

"Oh Ms. Su is here. She is Su Xi, the CEO of Su Family business. And Ms. Su, he is my brother-in-law, the heir of Gu Family Business and your competitor, Gu Yan." introduced Lin Juwan.

Well, it was less introduction, but more like a threat. Su Xi appeared calm, a smile on her face. But in reality, her head was a mess, her heartbeat was fast. But she was good at hiding her emotions.

"Are you Gu Yan?" Su Xi asked directly. In this matter, she didn't wanted to beat around bush.

Gu Yan observed Su Xi for a moment. But there was no change in his emotions. He was still expressionless.

"I'm, Ms. Su." Said Gu Yan in his confident voice.

But this broke her heart. She could see that he didn't even a bit remembered who she was. It was if she was addressing a stranger.

"Gu Yan, Ms. Su's husband died 2 or 3 years ago, after that, she is managing the company."

"Impressive Ms. Su. I see its difficult for a woman to take up the role of a CEO but you are doing it quite well. But be careful, I'm in that same line and may overtake you on the road." Said Gu Yan.

'If he can talk like a complete stranger, I can do that too!' she thought.

"Mr. Gu, its a pleasure meeting you. But you see, I'm actually interested in breaking the rule of Woman can't be a CEO. If we talk about your over taking me, how will you do so if I'm not even driving on a road but flying in the air?" Su Xi asked in a sarcastic way.

This left Mr. Lin, and Mr Wei Speechless.

But after hearing this, Gu Yan smiled. "There is more fun in taking down your enemy, when there is competition. It will be fun Ms. Su."

Su Xi laughed. She took out her phone, and opened a picture of her and her husband.

"Mr. Gu, We are competing, so you will learn a background check on me. Its obvious. Let me show you a picture of mine and my husband."

She extended her phone and showed the picture to him

Everyone there froze. Ms. Gu's death husband, how can he have same face of Ye Huo?

Children were standing there silently, supporting their mother.

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But they were unsure, why this man is having same face of their dad. If he was their dad, he might have showed some expression?

"Ms. Su, is that your husband?" Gu Yan asked, in disbelief.

"Yes Mr. Gu, He was my husband. Even I would say, He was of same age as yours."

"It might be, there are total 7 people who look same in the whole world."

"Possible."Su Xi took her phone back.

"Well, I need to go home, its not good for children to stay up late in night."


Su Xi bid goodbye to everyone and took their leave.


Inside the car.

"Mom, are you okay?" asked Ye Shing.

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