151 Finding lead! (2)

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Moving more close to it, she saw the huge vase covered with dust just like other things but some jewels were still shining brightly. 'Why these jewels don't rust like others?!' This was what attracted her towards it.

Although she doesn't know anything about it, its color or maybe the way her mother used to make this vase as a precious one, made her take a look at it.

Putting her hand into it, she found a key to something which she doesn't know. "Which lock can be opened by it?!" 

The key was not in very good condition, but at least it can open something.

Finding a key in a vase which is so old, is not a normal thing. There must be a reason that it's here.

Although she was clueless but still, trying to find answers to her questions, she again went down the hall.

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