88 Finally getting what she wanted!

Su Xi narrowed her eyes. Why she has to meet him in the cafe? Can't he just deliver her the documents of shares directly to her house? Su Xi was a little passive in meeting him. After all, he is a mafia person and now that the work is completed, she is hesitant in having a conversation with them.

"Rex... The consignment already left. So why are you now interested in meeting me?" Su Xi did not want to go this time.

Was last time not enough for him to insult her and speak ill about Ye Huo? But he was a stubborn person. He won't agree about her whatever she is going to say so it was a waste of time discussing with him. Even though Su Xi wanted to saw a big no, his answer was still that. He wants to meet her and give her the papers she wants.

"Okay... I will come but please make sure no one is near or no one can watch us." Su Xi needed to be cautious. No one can know that the Su Family business's heir, Su Xi is meeting with someone from the underworld people, Rex.

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