65 Fallen Princess.

'I can't control it anymore.'

Ye Nian went inside the shop. From inside, it was all decorated with dark colors. Many men were there along with beauties in their arms.

Alcohol, cigarettes can be smelled in the air. If it was earlier Ye Nian, she might have liked it but right now it was lonely Ye Nian.

Her eyes were searching for a bar where she can order a drink. After a few minutes of searching, she saw a corner place that was isolated from everyone else.

She went there and sat with grace so that others don't come to know that she isn't an adult.

"What would you like to drink ma'am?" Bartender asked in a sweet voice.

"I w-want a glass of tequila." Ye Nian said in a low voice but enough for the bartender to listen up.

"Sure, ma'am."The bartender started preparing the drink and Ye Nian just kept her face down. She occasionally lifted her eyes up just to see if her drink was prepared or not.

"Here is your drink ma'am." The bartender offered her the drink. But added on, "Ma'am, is it your first time here?

He easily guesses this up. She was not talking and kept on hiding her face. When Ye Nian nodded her head a little, he smiled and advised her, "Ma'am, no need to be afraid. Just drink it in one go and you will enjoy the real world."

Ye Nian looked at the glass in her hand for some time. She wasn't sure till now also but maybe her craving was more so, she just finished it in one breath. She was thirsty for one more drink and this time, she ordered a vodka.

Vodka is typically famous for venting out emotions and this was what she needed at that time. Glass after glass, Ye Nian kept on drinking. She didn't want to be sober anymore!

But unknown to a fact, she was noticed by two people a long time ago.

Wei Jan was here with his new girlfriend. She was good in bed and he always was a cheater. He sat there with his group, with his girlfriend giving him a massage on his neck but his eyes were lingering on drunk Ye Nian.

Today, she was fallen on the princess because of her family scandal. But she still held her charm up. Damm it, he was getting hard on just by seeing her from far. Yes! This was her effect.

When Ye Nian broke up with Wei Jan, it hurt his male ego. He had taken an oath that he will destroy her personally that no guy will want to take her.

And today was his day!

Wei Jan sided his girlfriend and walked towards her. "Nian, It has been so long."

Until now, Ye Nian was drunk. She felt her head was revolving around and things in front of her were becoming blurry. But then, she heard a familiar voice.

"Wei Jan.....!?!"

"You remembered me. Good! Do you want me to help you? You don't look like sober now." Wei Jan tried to touch her waist but before he could, Ye Nian dug her heal on his shoe!

"OUCH!!" It hurt him.

"Keep your hands away from me! I will destroy you otherwise." Seeing her speaking still in arrogance, Wei Jan blood boiled.

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"Who do you think you are?! Your whole family is involved in SCANDAL!! What do you think you are worthy of? Your own mother might be sleeping somewhere with someone as she is a slut like you!!" Wei Jan yelled at her.

Hearing this, drunk Ye Nian took a glass and smashed it on Wei Jan's head.

Blood started tickling off from his forehead any Wei Jan held his head in pain. His other group members too came towards them when they saw what has happened. Wei Jan's recent girlfriend was so tensed after seeing blood on his face.


"Do you want to have stitches on your face?" And this was enough to stop his girlfriend. Who can afford to have stitches on their face because of their playboy boyfriend?

But before anyone else could have done something, Wei Jan came forward and held her neck tightly!!


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