110 Exactly like me!

But no matter what, she will take revenge for each and every insult that she is undergoing today! It doesn't concern her at all that whichever method she has to use to bring Su Xi down, but this is sure that now that bitch, Su Xi is her target.

Leaving everyone aside, Lin Jua went to the bathroom to stop her anger from arising any more. She had enough of each of them!

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Grandmother Gu saw that they were going and just smiled. So what? Her grandson was not even going to marry her in real and she thought she is a queen? Personally, she never liked Lin Jua so she least cared what she does.

"Where is Gu Yan now? Is the engagement even taking place? I handled press but that does not mean he can do what he wishes to. Many things are lined up behind him.?" Grandfather Gu asked his wife in a little whisper hearable to only her.

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