5 Escape (2)

In the evening, she was ready to take the big decision. After giving a lot of thought, thinking about it again and again, and keeping everything in mind, the path she chose is best for them for now!

Su Xi called her dad and asked him to meet her in parking in the next 3 hours.

She went to her children's room and saw they were all sitting together, trying to bring Ye Shan out of the shock he received. He was the youngest child, so he was always pampered by his siblings. Seeing such a thing happening to his own father at such an early is not easy to digest!

Her heart twisted seeing her child like this. For god's sake, he was only six years old.

She went inside the room and sat in the middle of them with Ye Shan on her lap. Caressing Ye Shan's hair, She looked at her other two children.

"You two are old enough to understand the situation. Someone is behind us. He wants all of us dead."

Su Xi took a deep breath. 'This isn't easy to explain at all.' But somehow, she has to tell them, because they aren't any fools.

"We can't let your father's death go in waste. We have to protect ourselves and we will take revenge. But not now."

"But mom, why can't we go to the police?" asked Ye Nian in a curious tone. Su Xi knew that her daughter is trying her level best to control her tears.

Su Xi sighed. Her children didn't know about their business exactly. And the only problem is, she can't disclose it for now!

"We can't. Police might also not be able to help us."

Ye Shing looked at his mother and asked, "Mom, what have you decided? Father's funeral is tomorrow. You have to decide soon." He was always like her husband. Calm and cool who can naturally understand the situation and make a decision. But for now, nothing can be done.

"I have decided. We all are going to states today, we have a flight at midnight."

As she had expected, her children all agreed that it was the best way to escape for now.

But Ye Nian suddenly said, "But mother, tomorrow is father's funeral, how can we miss this. How can we not see the father for the last time."

Su Xi took touched Ye Nian's face, she wanted to see her father but it was something she can't allow.

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"I'm sorry Ye Nian, but we can't attend the funeral. We have to leave." Ye Nian nodded.

"Ye Shan, sometimes we as a parent have to do some things for our loved ones. Your father did the same for us. He always protected us."

Initially Ye Shan had lowered his head, but hearing this, he faced his mother and said, "I know mother. Dad was like my superhero. He always said that for him, we are very special."

"Yes, but now it's your mother's responsibility to protect you all. But the mother isn't strong enough. She needs your all support to do this. Will you all help mother?" asked Su Xi.

"YES, MOM." Said everyone together.

All three hugged their mother tightly.

"I Love you all."

"We love you too mom."


They all started packing their bags. They had only 3 hours. Everyone took just important stuff with them and packed it.


"Brother, why all this is happening with us?" suddenly asked Ye Nian.

Ye Shing stopped his work and sat with Ye Nian.

"Nian, sometimes these things are our fate. Dad always said you are his doll, his princess. Among us, he pampered you the most. If you were in dad's place, you might have done the same thing. You will choose to sacrifice yourself so that your family can live safely."

"But who did this.?"

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