4 Escape (1)


Su Xi felt her blood boiling all of the sudden. The way the other side said about her Ye Huo, Su Xi knew this was the one who was behind this all. He was the murderer of her Ye Huo!

"Shh… Nothing will happen. Your husband can't come back because of your shouting." Su Xi heard such a cold voice. She knew nothing will happen because of shouting. But she had lost her husband. Her emotions were already a big mess, and on top of that, this threatening voice.

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"Why did you kill my husband?" Su Xi asked. Now it was most important to know, why he was so interested in killing Ye Huo? They have enemies but can they step so low? That was hard to believe!

"What is so hurry Su Xi, you will know soon. Your husband was the first target. Next is your children. Well, let's start with your first child. He is handsome though."

Hearing this Su Xi's heartbeat fastened.

"Don't you dare to touch my children?" Said Su Xi in a very cold voice. Her children were her and Ye Huo's life. They are the only thing she has of Ye Huo.

"Let's see how you save them." The other side hanged up

'HELLO?HELLO? Answer them!!!"

Su Xi threw the phone and it broke into 2 pieces.

As her children were standing near the bed, Ye Shing and Ye Nian were mature enough to understand what was happening. Children of these days can't be fooled.

"Mom, was that the murder of dad?" as expected, Ye Shing understood the whole situation.

But before, she can even answer him back, Father Su came inside the ward.

"How are you feeling now?"

She signaled her children to leave the room as she wanted to talk to their grandpa alone.

"Dad, I have something serious to discuss." Said Su Xi.

"Xi, everything can be stopped, for now, first we have to plan a funeral for Ye Huo."

"Dad, it is more important." Seeing his daughter being so restless, he understood she has something important to talk about.

"Someone called me. It was Huo's murderer. He said his next target will be Ye Shing. Dad, Ye Huo died and maybe my soul also but for his sake, for my sake, I have to protect my children. I can't let anything happen to them. If anything happened to them, I won't be able to live anymore." Said Su Xi in a serious tone.

On one side, her husband was no more and anyone else is behind their lives. What can be worse than this?!

"You know, I will support you in any decision you take. Just tell me what you want." Asked Father Su.

"I will tell you what I want in the evening."

"Ye Huo's funeral is planned for tomorrow." Father Su reminded her about this.

Su Xi didn't reply. She needed to think something quickly otherwise it might be too late.

"Su Xi, our business was all taken over by your husband. Now he is no more, we have to manage that also. I always wanted you to take over it and manage it. You have skills. You can do it I know very well. This business is my hard work."


"Think over it. I'm just asking you to give it a thought." Saying this, father Su left the ward, leaving Su Xi alone.

She is alone. God knows why even a drop if tear did not come out of her eyes, but instead her heart was aching so much!

But her mind was completely occupied, about how to save her children and herself. This situation was way more tricky than what she had expected it to be.

'I won't disappoint you, Ye Huo. You will be proud of me. Just give me the strength.' Su Xi tried her best to boost herself, this was the only option left with her, at least for now!

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