51 Engagement Announced!

Su Xi fell asleep there only. But at midnight, someone opened the door.

It was Ye Shan!

"Muma..." His grandfather didn't notice him because he thought he was a child. But Ye Shan watched everything. How his mother was abused, betrayed everything.

Su Xi slowly opened her eyes and saw Ye Shan standing there with a water bottle in his hands.

"My baby...." she was relieved that at least Ye Shan was out of her father's cruelty.

"Muma, drink water, and let us go to your own room. Grandfather is worst! He thinks this is his own house. But this is our house mom." Su Xi nodded and got up and went to her room.

She laid on her bed but her mind was somewhere else. She was trying to get close to Gu Yan, but her plan was spoiled!

But today, Su Sing's betrayal made her remember the letter sent by her well-wisher. Maybe more people are going to back stab her.

'I will do it again! I will make you pay, Su Sing and Mr. Su. Wait for it!'


In the morning.

Su Xi was sleeping when Ye Shing and Ye Nian came to her room.

"Momm..... Wake up!!!" Ye Nian pounced on bed and tried to wake up her mother.

"Nian, let me sleep a little more."

"No!!! It is something important. Listen!" Right now, Ye Nian wasn't even caring about her mother's sleep.

"Ye Nian! Let mom sleep for more time." Ye Shing calmly suggested.


"What is it?"Su Xi finally woke up. How can she sleep when they both are shouting and making so much noise?

Ye Shing took a deep breath.

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"See this. He just handed over his phone to Su Xi and there were some headlines at top.

'Gu Family Announce their Heir's engagement with Lin Family's daughter, Lin Jua.'

'LATEST! Gu Yan and Lin Jua's engagement THIS WEEKEND!'

'Lin Family and Gu Family coming together! Engagement announced!'

Gu Yan was hitting the headlines! Did he announce his engagement in the morning?

Su Xi was stunned. Yesterday only, she was crashing their dinner and she saw it with her own eyes that Gu Yan wasn't interested in Lin Jua.

But why this? Was it because he got to know that she has a fiance? Or he was interested in marrying Lin Jua?

Su Xi was deep in thoughts. She can't digest this news easily. Her husband was getting engaged to someone else!

"Mom, now what we do?" Ye Shing noticed how his mother was worrying.

"We have to stop this! But how? If I do something, your grandfather will know about it and our enemies will also be alerted." She was getting frustrated!

One side, her enemies warned her to stay away. Another side, her father was being strict with her.

"Mum, right now. Is the company fully yours?"Ye Shing reminded her. Yes! The company was not fully hers. Father Su still held position and if she was to use her powers to stop Gu Yan's engagement, she needs his consent which she will not get at all.

Su Xi remains silent but her brain was working and a new plan was already laid in her mind.

But a certain person doesn't care about this.

"You are useless, mum. Our father is getting engaged and here you are. You are such a useless person! How can I have a mother like you? Just go and do a DNA Test."

Su Xi didn't pay attention to her talks. She knew her well. Ye Nian feared that her father will belong to someone else.

"YE NIAN!! Can't you just shut up? Do you think it is as easy as it seems? Doing DNA Tests will only put us in more danger, you idiot. Apologize to mum." Ye Shing can't control himself because he knew how much his mother is suffering.

"Everyone go out!" Su Xi suddenly asked. Ye Shing and Ye Nian didn't want to but seeing their mother's determination, they reluctantly left.

Su Xi took the phone from her bed and hesitantly dialed up a number.

After a few rings, she heard a voice."Hello?"

Su Xi didn't reply at first.

"Hello? Xi?"

"Rex, I need your help."


To acquire the whole company, will Su Xi go in illegal work? Will she be able to stop Gu Yan's marriage?

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