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Author's name- Hey guys, it's your author here. Will take just a few seconds of yours before reading. Its some times really disheartening when I work so hard for you guys to give you two chapters each day but still our position is really low.

With the pace of time, your power stones and comments are our real motivation which keeps our spirit up and high. I see each and every person who votes, and I'm really thankful to them for voting for me, just I hope we can top up more once again.

Although I hope for the top 200, sometimes I also know it's not near, but still hoping for the best.

A very sincere request from you guys, please do vote and leave comments and reviews! If you are a shy person, just a power stone will bring a smile to my face. A

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And those who are constantly voting, I don't have words for you all. Thank you so much for liking and please keep on reading till last!

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