128 End of Lin family! (3)

But these types of threads do not scare Su Xi even a bit. She just m stood there and did not move an inch from her place. Folding her hands and looking at Lin Juwan sharp, by not showing how is she feeling at this moment.

"Do you seriously plan to kill me here, Mr. Lin?" Su Xi asked him a simple question.

But Lin Juwan's earlier smirk now was converted into a chuckle, "If I did not intend to kill you here, then why would I take out my gun and point it towards you? Hah, Su Xi you destroyed but you are not admitting it. But I'm not like you, I will kill you and I'm admitting this in front of you here!! I swear you won't leave this place now!" 

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Anger has brought nothing new out of him. This was how he is, although he knew he made mistakes that were for fun. But Su Xi crossed her lines in his eyes. But who will tell him that Su Xi just repaid him for whatever their family actually tried to do to her? Had they thought about how their interview will affect her?

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