93 Drunk Su Xi!

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Su Xi stared at the ring which was there on her fingers. Well, was not this ring given by him to her when Ye Shing was born? This was the ring he brought from his first salary as a gift and a promise that they will lead a happy life ahead. He made her believe that Ye Shing was a blessing to them and a hint from God to start a new life together but now? He was starting his new life with someone else while leaving her behind and not even thinking about her.

He did not even remember her! What about that? If things were in her hands, she might go and make Gu Yan remember all those things but do she have any medicine to take care of it?!

Su Xi stared at the ring continuously and just smiled. If she wanted, she could exchange this ring and wear a diamond or ruby but no! She was still wearing this old fashioned ring with such pride when her husband was no more?

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