49 Droping Dating standards.

They soon reached home.

Zu Jiwen wanted to help Su Xi in getting out but she slammed his hand on her.

Inside the house Ye Nian and Ye Shing were sitting on the sofa, waiting for their mum.

When Su Xi was going out, she had told them about it. Though they tried to stop her because of her injury, she was persistent about crashing Gu Yan's and Lin Jua's dinner.

But who would have thought that this will result in more misunderstandings?


She hugged them. Today, there is going to be more drama and fight in this house of hers.

"Su Xi, I never thought that you will be with Gu Yan because he has Ye Huo's face. Your standards dropped by choosing Ye Huo. But this much? Are you even my daughter?" A stern voice can be heard.

Father Su never thought that she will be involved with Gu Family Heir.

"Hah... I'm your daughter. But you forgot one thing. I'm more of my mother's daughter. I did what she did."

Su Xi had enough of him. What does he think of himself? He can't control her now. She wasn't three years old naive girl.

"What do you mean? What your mother did?" Father Su narrowed his eyes.

"She also dropped her dating standards by marrying a person like you!"


Su Xi covered her one side of the face with her hand. She was slapped hard by Father Su!

This was the first time he dares to hit her in her whole 36 years life span. But she didn't feel any pain. Her emotions were already gone for her father.

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Everyone gulped and were shocked seeing Su Xi being slapped. Ye Nian covered her mouth with her hands, afraid of speaking any abusive words to her grandfather. Ye Shing's hand was converted into a fist.

But Su Xi wasn't shocked. Even if it was the first time, she had long anticipated this slap.

Su Xi straightens up her back. She faced Mr. Su again and with more fire.

Seeing her, standing with so much confidence in front of him, Father Su's blood started boiling again. No one can stop him now!

"BUTLER!! Help Ye Shing and Ye Nian to go to their room. Some elders talk is going on here." What he was going to do can't happen if her children were here.

But Butler didn't move an inch also.


"I'm sorry sir. I can't do this. I have been serving Young Madam for a long period. I can't help you with anything." Butler lowered his head. He considered Su Xi as his own child and her children as his own grandchildren. How can he help Father Su who was going to do something bad?

Father Su's stern face was becoming more expressionless.

"Mr. Su, you are standing in MY HOUSE. How can you expect that my people will be obeying your orders?" Su Xi said with a deadly smile. She actually mocked him!!

"Xi, my bodyguard is here also. Remember that!" he signaled his bodyguards to take over and held Ye Shing and Ye Nian.

"Heyy!! LEAVE ME!!"


Su Xi saw this and knew something bad is going to happen. Even if this was her house, she hadn't reached that level of success as Father Su.

Father Su was successful early because he was involved in illegal things. But Su Xi removed every illegal thing from their business and here she was standing with a clean business.

"What do you want, Mr. Su?" Su Xi's cold voice can be heard.

"Your and Zu Jiwen's wedding." On that instant, Su Xi took a vase and threw it on the ground in anger!

"Nothing will change because of this." Father Su pointed towards the broken vase.

But Zu Jiwen was quiet till now. He didn't speak any word. But now he can't see this happening anymore. "Uncle, please leave this all. If Su Xi didn't want me to marry, I will not marry her. But please stop this drama because of me." He emotionally said. But this had no effect either on Father Su or on Su Xi.

"Zu Jiwen, this is your big heart that you are ready to marry this idiot daughter of mine. I'm really happy to hear that. But I think I need to teach her some lesson about disobeying her father's rules!"

Su Xi rolled her eyes. Her hand was folded in front of her shoulders and this signifies that she, Su Xi isn't afraid of his punishment.

"What will you do? The same thing which you used to do in my childhood?"

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