78 Don't you fell hurt?

Su Xi came back home after a long drive. Today was the absolute tiring day of her life. In the drawing-room, everyone was waiting for her. The relief was seen on their face.

They were happy that their father wasn't involved in this. But who will tell them that their father was hating their mother to the core?

"Mum... You are finally back. We missed you a lot." Ye Shan came and hugged Su Xi. She just rubbed his hair. These cute gestures of him always make her day.

Her children are her only support. When in this world, no one was ready to believe her, they showed their trust in her. But yes, soon their trust was going to break down.

Ye Nian came forward, "Mom, you did well today. Giving a benefited reply. Now no one can point out at us. We will win as always." She was super happy today.

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All those who were teasing her has gotten a good reply! Su Xi smiled at her child and touched her cheeks.

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