132 Don't tell my mom!

While Ye Shing, Ye Shan went on a roller coaster ride, Ye Nian stayed back with her mother. She looked nervous out of nowhere when she was near Shi Yu. Su Xi looked happy and again, spoke to Shi Yu.

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"I should thank you for whatever you did for me. Seriously, I do not know how to repay you for all those things." Su Xi can never forget that if not for him, she might not be able to stop Gu Yan's engagement there and fave his grandparents. He never helped her internally but at least emotionally.

Not only that, he guided her on the straight path to move. bringing her to the all where Gu Yan's engagement was there and at least standing with her when Elder Madam Gu was trying to insult her!

"It was my responsibility, Ms. Su. I look up to you. Handling such a large scale business and raising up your kids at the same time is a tough job and a tough woman like you can only manage it." He complimented Su Xi, not intentionally but honestly. 

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