100 Don't mind my presence!

Shi Yu just spared the grandmother Gu a glance and turned back, to face the view from the balcony. From his actions, one can understand easily that he was not happy to see her. Grandmother Gu was wearing a white outfit, a full-length gown and it looked alluring at her, even at this age!

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"Grandmother." Gu Yan bowed and she patted his back. He allowed her to come in and that was the time, Grandmother Gu saw Shi Yu here. He was also there along with Gu Yan!? This was a little surprising for her. After all, Gu Yan knew everything about the past events between them.

She knew both of them to have a good bond, but this good that he is here in his room when he is going to be engaged, are Shi Yu and Gu Yan best friends?

"Don't mind my presence, Elder Madam Gu." Shi Yu said while his back towards her face. It was evident that he was resistant even in showing his precious face to her! Yes, he hates her a lot and hatred can't just fade away easily. 

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