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Gu Yan was a little taken back.

He never expected his grandmother to see through him!!

Why is she interested in knowing?!?

"I must tell, I will never accept that Lin Jua as my granddaughter in law. Keep this in mind." hearing this, Gu Yan smiled.

What was going in his mind, was not known to Elder Madam Gu.

She just stared at this grandson of hers, waiting for a reply.

He didn't reply back just moved to the bar and picked up the latest wine which was auctioned recently in London.

He knew this wine was one of the favourite of hers.

"Gu Yan, are you even listening to what I'm saying?" Grandmother was a little speechless by his behavior.

Why he is behaving as it doesn't bother him at all? It was his engagement this weekend!!

For an elder like, Grandmother Gu, engagement is a big matter. After all, the whole Gu family is involved in it.

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