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Outside the mansion

Shi Yu drove the car back to Su Mansion. Ye Nian told the address and directions. They didn't talk much on their way. Ye Nian was also feeling low and weak due to her low alcohol tolerance.

In just 5 minutes, she actually dozed off to sleep. Her face was with the support of the window and she was droolling too. Her closed eyes made her face look innocent.

Time by time, Shi Yu took a glance at her face. He wanted to touch her but he held his hands back. She was only a teen. When they reached the Su Mansion, Ye Nian was still sleeping.

'Shall I wake her up?' Shi Yu thought because seeing her sleeping quietly made him happy. He didn't want to disturb her beautiful sleep but he had no choice.

"Ye Nian... Wake up... We are at your home."

Ye Nian half-opened her eyes. She first rubbed her eyes and hen absent-mindedly looked at her surroundings.

"Did I sleep here?!?" These were her thoughts but she said them aloud.

"Yes! You are still sleepy. Go inside your home and make sure to take care of your wound. Otherwise, it will be infected badly." Ye Nian nodded but before getting off, she looked at him.

"Thank you for today... If you won't have come, I might be..." Ye Nian can't even imagine what would have happened.

Shi Yu didn't reply. Talking about all those things that happened today, he can feel his blood boiling with anger. But Ye Nian missed this expression and got off the car.

Shi Yu kept his eyes on her back and waited till her stillhouse disappeared. Afterward, he took his car back to his house. But he was tensed that Ye Nian might be scolded at home.


Su Xi and Ye Shing were surprised by what Ye Shan said. Ye Shan was standing at the glass window so he saw when his elder sister got out of the car.

Ye Shing ran and saw Ye Nian coming back. He sighed in relief. But he knew that their mother, despite being a relief, was going to be angry on Ye Nian.

"Mom... Please don't sh-" Su Xi gave him a glare and he lowered his head and shuts his mouth.

Ye Nian entered inside the house and everyone was shocked to see her forehead and lips being covered with cotton and bandage.

"Xiao Nian, what happened to you!?! How did this happen?" Su Xi widened her eyes and asked her while going towards her and tried to look at her wound.

But Ye Nian slapped her mother's hand back. She stopped everyone coming near her.

"Don't show fake sympathy right now! Please. I don't need anyone of yours supports" Ye Nian shouted at everyone.

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"Nian, what are you saying? We all are here for you only. Do you even know how much we all were tensed? Do you know how much mum was burdened?" Ye Shing said.

"So? Did I ask you to be burdened? Did I ask you to be stressed out? No! Everyone is busy in their own work so why now you are so protected about me? WHY?!?" When Ye Nian was saying these all things, Su Xi was constantly being hurt.

"Nian..... I agree that I don't give you all much time. But baby, what else can I do? I try to come back as soon as possible.... Have dinner with you all. Together as one family?" Su Xi tried to make Ye Nian understand her situation too.

But Ye Nian just rolled her eyes. She least cared about them.

"I don't care. I really don't give a damm. I was going outside and no one noticed my presence? What was this? Tell me then."

"Elder sister...." Ye Shan interrupted everyone and hugged Ye Nian's leg. What all she was going to say was stuck in her mouth after hearing Ye Shan's voice

"Elder sister, please don't fight with mother and elder brother. They were worried about you. Even I was. I'm so happy that you are back." He said in his cute voice.

Anyone's heart will melt listening to such a cute and innocent voice of a child. She took her hand out of her coat's pocket and rubbed his hair.

Ye Nian looked at everyone. What happened to her? Why she was fighting?

"Excuse me. I'm going back to my room." She made Ye Shan leave her leg and started walking towards her room.

"Nian... just tell me how did you get injured? NIAN!!" Su Xi said but Nian just walked to her room and closed the door with a thud.


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