104 Do you fit to be my grand-daughter-in law?

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Su Xi gave him a sharp glare!

How can she let others moke her? But what about those two couples who were standing in the middle and possing like perfect couples, receiving blessings and compliments from everyone here? Was that good?

Su Xi was the legal wife with whom he had taken an oath and right now, he is standing with others to receive blessings. Was this a good thing?

Shi Yu gave her a complicated smile. It was not in their hands that this engagement stops. Only God can do a miracle now or only if Gu Yan's mind could have changed!

But right now, it looked Su Xi's and Shi Yu's luck was not with them as Shi Yu can see Elder Madam Gu coming in his direction. He did not want something bad to happen here. It will be a choice here for sure!

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