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Su Xi's eyes twisted hearing this.

'What does he know? Is he fine?'

She felt her brain was evolving. His hug was so tight that it was impossible for her to breathe through it.

All she was able to do was to pat his head, as he kept his neck in the nape of her neck.

But instead of saying anything, Su Xi eyed her children with a confusional look on her face.

Her heartbeat was loud enough. Not because of his words but after seeing his excitedness. The glow on his face was clearly visible for her!

'Gu Yan, why are you giving me a day to day heart attacks?' Su Xi seriously wondered this.

"Mr. Gu, I would suggest you leave my mother." Ye Shing stepped forward.

Although he has no problem with his father hugging his mom, what is affecting us, why did he come here at this hour?

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