73 Disclose them.

Soon, the conference officially began. Reporters from each media press came. Who would like to miss such a huge conference involving the top influential family? Everything was ready. It was said that Su Xi will also join the conference but a little later.

Everyone had a little feeling that there will be some type of drama here today for sure! This is possible only when the whole press conference ends.

The General stood up from his seat when he saw everyone important has come and walked towards the mike podium. He adjusted his mike, then looked at the people,

"Good morning everyone. I'm the General of the Crime Branch. My team welcomes you all here for the conference. We are very happy that you all came to this type of meeting in such a short period. We all know that many rumors were spreading nowadays about the Su family business empire as well as about Su Xi. So, here I would like to clear somethings.

The first thing is that we, the crime branch don't allow our information to be leaked. I would like to remind everyone of you that there is a law that the crime branch's things can't come out in public like this. It is strictly against our rules. The crime branch's investigation can't be published like this!

Secondly, there was no search in Ms. Su's house. It was a baseless rumor spread by others. We don't know who did this but our investigation is going on. The person will be punished as he/she has broken and violated the law.

Thirdly, I want you all to stop diminishing Ms. Su's image. She has not done anything wrong. She is a true citizen dedicated to her country. This really affects her Otherwise, I would have to take legal action against you all. Thank you!"

But as soon as the general stopped speaking, the gates of the hall were opened and Su Xi walked inside. Everyone has already predicted that she was going to come today. But with a queen aura.

"Ms. Su, how do you feel now?"

"Su Xi, have you bribed generals?"

"Is Crime branch partial towards you?���

As soon as she had entered, Media reporters burst with their questions. All they wanted was some gossip and dirt to throw on her. But right, Su Xi will give them really good gossip! She wore black sunglasses that covered her eyes.

She directly walked to the podium where everyone was standing. Su Xi removed her sunglasses and looked at the crowd with her cold and dark eyes.

'Hah. You all are here to see me getting destroyed. But remember, I'm not an easy target.'

"Hello, Ms. Su." General met her for the first time. He had listened a lot about her, being risen to top after her husband's death. But today, seeing her like this was something he was looking forward to. Who didn't want to meet such an elegant lady?

"General, I think you have already said what you needed to. But now, it is my turn. May I?"Su Xi asked in a very polite way.

"Sure, Ms. Su. Please..." He got side and let Su Xi claim the limelight.

She took a deep breath and her eyes landed at Chen Juan sitting there in the crowd. He has covered his face so that no one can point out at him but she knew his real motive. Maybe in the crowd, he is the only one who knows and the real truth and was waiting for her to expose that person.

"Well, I think I don't introduction at all. You guys already made me famous so much. But I know you all must be having some questions in your mind. So please go on. I'm ready to reply to each one of them."

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One of the reporters stood up. From the confidence he had, it was easy to guess that he was deliberately sent here. Who else it can be other than Lin Juwan himself?

"Ms. Su, who will put such a big allegation on you? Are you trying to hide something? Or have you bribed The crime branch?" everyone was silent after listening to this. Even some of them were praising this reporter for being so brave and questioning not only Su Xi but also high authorities.

Su Xi just smirked.

"Are you suggesting that I used the wrong methods to reach here? Okay, let me say what you are saying. I slept with someone so that they speak on my behalf. Is that what you want to listen to?" Su Xi had already read their minds. By the wrong means, they wanted to degrade her character.

The reporter lowered his head in shame. She had seen through his real intentions!

"So, to answer your question. I have not used any wrong means. I'm here because of my hard work, my business tactics, and my sharp mind. So, STOP TREATING US LIKE TRASH!" she lashed at them.

She took a deep breath again. She needed to stay calm to maintain and handle this. She can't lose her emotions and show them her real innocence and anger.

"Everyone is interested in knowing, who was the one who made this thing leak, right? Even the crime branch is also interested in knowing. Of course, the branch won't talk action without legal and proper proofs. But today... Here, I will disclose that person with proper proof!"






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