30 Dancing!

Su Xi sighed. She doesn't know the answer.

"Ah Shing, let us go inside."

Without giving him a reply, she went inside the house and went to a small room.

It wasn't opened for a long period. Su Xi opened it and switched on the lights.

It was a dance room. Another hobby of Su Xi was dancing. But it was known to Ye Huo only!

Su Xi kept on observing the place.

This place made her remind of the school's dance room where she used to practice after school so that no one notices her.

Su Xi closed her eyes and some past memories floated in her mind.



24 years ago.

Small Su Xi was thirteen now. The school was finished and many children had already gone home.

But Su Xi used to make her driver wait.

She lost her mother this year.

A soft tune was playing and it was soothing to the ears. It made a person relax.

Small Su Xi was wearing her socks only and was dancing on the slow beat. It was graceful and full of perfection. Her eyes were closed and she was fully immersed into the song

But the only thing left, was her expression. Her face was not showing any expression.

Suddenly the music stopped. As the music stopped Su Xi also stopped dancing. She opened her eyes and saw a figure in the mirror.

It was the same boy whom she had given her chocolate.

"Why did you stop my music?" she asked. Ye Huo noticed that her voice was matured as compared to the last time she talked with him. It was when she gave him chocolate, a year ago.

"Why are you doing here alone?" he ignored her question and threw another question at her.

Hearing this, Su Xi was annoyed. She was least interested in talking with him.

"Play my music again and please leave me alone." Small Su Xi said.

"I will. But why are you dancing right now? The school is already closed." he replied.

Ye Huo was really curious to know this. He knew that she isn't a part of the dance club. But she dances so gracefully, even better than those girls in the dance club.

But Su Xi wasn't in a mood of answering him. She went towards, where the Player was and started the song again.

"Please leave." was all that she said.

"I want to see your dance. Once more." Ye Huo said. His eyes contained determination.

Su Xi can see this in his eyes. He will never leave her alone if she didn't show him her dance.

But she can't leak this secret out of hers!

"If I dance once again, will you leave?" she asked with innocence. All she wanted was to be alone. Dance really helps her in reducing the pain. She can feel the pain of hers in dancing, which she can't share with anyone else.

"Hmm. I will leave. You can term me as an invisible man." Ye Huo had thought she will laugh at this but No!

Her mouth didn't even parted away to chuckle.

The song again started and she took one glance at him through the mirror and closed her eyes.

She again started dancing and this time, she was more immersed in dancing.

Not many people dance with pain. They can't bring the pain in their dance. But Su Xi knew how to because this was the real pain. The pain of losing her mother.

The music ended. Ye Huo clapped his hand. He was seventeen this year so he was naturally mature and big.

"I don't need your appreciation but a promise." Ye Huo was leaving the room when he heard this.

He stopped in his track.

"A promise of what?"

"A promise.... that you will never tell anyone that I dance. No one." Su Xi said.

Ye Huo didn't reply. He kept silent for some time.

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"I will keep this promise. But I will come here regularly. You have to show me your dance for 5 minutes."

Su Xi was surprised. This was an unusual demand. Who says that he wants to see dance, each day for 5 minutes?!!?!

"Will you do this deal?" Ye Huo's voice brought small Su Xi out of here dreams.

"Hmm, I will." She just wants to keep her secret. No one should no about this.

But this was the first deal they made.

The deal of keeping the secret.



Su Xi opened her eyes were moist. Those were some beautiful memories. She can dance now also. But she will not do so.

"I will dance again, only when your memory comes back Ye Huo and when I find out who shot you there." Su Xi made this promise to herself.

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